UT Updates #2


Our school code is 73. Download the schematics and search by code 73 or by your name to see your round, room, speaker order, etc. for all preliminary rounds.

It is important to walk with team mates or even competitors from other schools. Keep in contact with Waldrop and each other between rounds.

UT Updates

This was sent in a email from the UT tournament staff. I recommend downloading the app and saving the PDF of the campus map into you pictures.

CAMPUS SAFETY: The UT campus is large! UT has constructed a safety app for students, available for download at the Apple App Store. Please distribute this information to your students, as it will give them an additional resource for navigating the campus and dealing with most kinds of emergency situations that could affect the campus. It is always better to have extra safety resources!

APP – Campus Watch – Student Safety by CampusWatch https://appsto.re/us/VKQHfb.i

CAMPUS MAPS: Please also distribute campus map information to your students. Here is a link to the PDF.


BALLOT TABLES for speech & congress will be located on the 3rd floor of UTC on Friday, adjacent to the coach/judge lounges in 3.102 & 3.104. On Saturday, ballot tables move to Jester Auditorium (A121A), which is also the location of coaches’ challenge for IE & Congress Saturday morning at 7:30 a.m. Ballot tables for DEBATE will be on the 1st floor of the UTC.

Also, the weather will be cold and wet on Friday and Saturday. The pea gravel walkways can get very slick when wet so plan to bring warm shoes with good tread for walking and an umbrella or water repelling jacket.

Fall Showcase Info

We’re are going to start selling tickets after-school today. I wont be able to sell them tomorrow, so if anyone who has already signed up to sell them or has a little bit of free time, text me if you can do it.

Here are the links to the various things we’ve signed up for in class:

Performances – If you want to be added/removed, let me know. Also for those who are looking to perform Oratories or Interp Pieces, text(512-375-9400)/email(stanleyakano@live.com) me the title of them as I’m creating a program.

Donations/Labor– This has what everyone has signed up for in terms of directing the showcase or bringing items for concessions. All that we need in terms of this sheet is a few more people to sign up concessions. Just text me if that’s want you need to be added to.

showcase-flyers – If you want to screenshot this doc and put in on social media, that’d be lit.

Thanks for the memes,

–Stanley Akano